What is your situation?

You are a company, a group or a franchise

  1. You are freshly settled in Morocco :
    • You want to be supported in the administrative approaches
    • You need an overseas employment contract
    • You want to be supported in the recruitment of your team
    • You want to be assisted in the oganization of your company
  2. You want to settle in Morocco :
    • You want to know if there are any opportunities concerning your activity
    • You already have business opportunities and want to establish your own company
    • You are looking for partners in order to settle and develop your activity
  3. You don’t want to settle in Morocco but :
    • You want to develop your activity in the territory
    • You have business opportunities on the territory and would like to achieve them
    • You want to find partners on the territory

You are an individual, an expatriate sent by the company you are working for mission, or you are future retired

  • You want to be supported in your settlement in Morocco
  • You want to be supported in your administrative approaches in Morocco
  • You want to be supported in your project in Morocco

Services to the companies

Support in settlement and development

Sourcing and linking

  • Research of financial partners or shareholders
  • Research of products, manufacturers, suppliers,distributors, wholesalers
  • Linking with a network of qualified partners
  • Research of event organization places and support in the organization

Administrative and legal support

  • Company establishment
  • Relocation
  • Writing contracts or any type of documents
  • Acquirement of overseas employment contract
  • Moroccan administration approaches

Services to the individuals

Assistance in your administrative approaches

Assistance in your new life in Morocco

Our methodology

Stage 1

We review your project in order to identify your needs and inform you about our intervention areas.

Stage 2

We provide you with a engagement letter and a detailed quotation resuming the different stages that will be carried out in the context of our support.

Stage 3

After accepting our engagement letter, we will start our mission and will provide you with a weekly or monthly progress reporting depending on the size of your project.

Why trust us?

Our responsiveness and professionalism

Our ability to understand easily your project will allow us to respond to your needs and emergencies. Our company, on a human scale, provides you with preferred contacts that will support you with all its professionalism and effiency.

Our knowledge of the field

Our complete knowledge of the field and our availability allow us to warn you about the threats of your project. We work with full transparency concerning the details of the implementation of your project. For you, we face administrative delays and make them short thanks to our professional network.

Our network of partners

Due to our professional partners, we can fulfill all your needs. Also, if you need to be supported and assisted in your activity area, we can link you with territorial experts. However, we stay your preferred contact.

About us


Terra Nova Consulting is a company that advice and assist the foreign companies that want to develop and settle in Morocco, as well as the individuals who want to expatriate in Morocco.

While recognizing that the mobility is a strong lever of HR, Terra Nova Consulting is committed to take care of your new life as an expatriate.


Terra Nova Consulting assists you in all the questions related to the expatriation or the secondment in Morocco according to your needs.

It assists as well the companies that want to develop on the Moroccan territory, by the creation of a company or a subsidiary, in all the tax, social, legal and financial aspects.
Our company provides all its expertise and good knowledge of the Moroccan territory in the service of your project.


In order to find suitable solutions to your needs, we  ensure complimentary interventions in the diagnosis of your project  to evaluate and assess your needs in support and consultancy.


Terra Nova is an expatriate assistance company founded in October 2016.

The company was founded in October 2016 by Myriam Adyel, a graduate of public accounting and auditing.

Zineb Moumile joined Terra Nova as a partner in September 2018 after a 9-year real estate experience.


Myriam ADYEL

After 8 years of experience in accounting and auditing in Paris Myriam Adyel decided to start a business in the same sector in April 2014.

Thereafter, Myriam diversified its activity by offering a new service to companies and expatriates.


Zineb graduated from ESC Rennes, after a stint in the world of finance in Paris, Zineb specialized in real estate in Morocco within Moroccan and multinational companies.

As part of this activity, she was brought to accompany large groups in their installation in Morocco.


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